Sarah Coventry Flower Brooch Earrings Dogwood Black Vintage Jewelry

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Sarah Coventry Flower Brooch Earrings Dogwood Black Vintage Jewelry


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Sarah Coventry "Dogwood" brooch/pin and clip earrings, demi-parure.  This whimsical flower design is from 1969, features a glossy jet black enamel finish, gold tone accents, brooch has green enamel leaves. 

This is an exceptional set- VERY rare - not even found in reference books other than scans of SC catalogs from 1969!  All pieces are signed © Sarah Cov

Condition is Excellent- no chipping to the enamel or visible wear.  The earring backs are brassy rather than a glossy gold tone- not an issue.  A polishing cloth would more than likely shine them up, but certainly is not needed. 

Brooch 2.25" x 2.5"
Earrings 1.5" x 1.25"

This design was available in Hot Pink, White and Jet Black- I was lucky enough to acquire the Hot Pink set as well.  If you have interest in both sets let me know and I will discount for the two sets. 
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